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Talent Idea

Human resources are the first resource for enterprise development. The company firmly establishes the talent concept of “people-oriented, both ability and political integrity”, and is committed to achieving a high degree of unity in the overall development of the company and the realization of employee value.

Through the establishment of a sound human resources management system, we will establish and improve incentive and restraint mechanisms for talent evaluation, selection, appointment, performance appraisal, etc.Strive to create a good atmosphere of “stage-inspired people, career-achieves, mechanism-motivated, rewarding, and emotionally caring people”.

Provides strong talent guarantee and extensive intellectual support for the smooth realization of the company's overall development strategy.

Employment policy---Both ability and political integrity、Friends from all corners of the country、a combination of people of all ages

Employing concept---Looking at diplomas is more about technology、Looking at work, pay more attention to work attitude、Looking experience is more about technical ability、Looking working hours pays more attention to the company's contribution。

Selection principle---Fair competition, survival of the fittest、People can enter and exit at will、Post can rise and fall、Income can be high and low

Employee Activity

Job Recruitment

  • position number Work place Datetime
  • Regional Sales Manager 5 Jiaxing 2018-08-15
    Work place:Jiaxing Salary:Negotiable Datetime:2018-08-15 Education:College and above number:5 Term of validity:2030-08-04
    • Job Responsibilities:

      1、Complete product sales tasks in the areas under its jurisdiction and increase the proportion of products in the region;

      2、Responsible for the development of the market within the jurisdiction, the development of customers, the layout of outlets and the early arrival of new customers;

      3、Responsible for the planning and layout of the stores in the area under their jurisdiction, and the maintenance of the overall image;

      4、Responsible for the setting of product lines in the area under its jurisdiction, the formulation of product retail price and price, and the maintenance of the overall price system;

      5、Master the customer's import, sales and storage in the area under its jurisdiction, and timely follow up the customer's delivery plan and logistics delivery status;

      6、Responsible for the development of channel promotion plan

    • job require:

      1、Male or female, healthy, with strong resistance to stress, college degree or above;

      2、Love the sales industry, willing to challenge yourself and challenge high salary;

      3、Can work hard, be adaptable, and have a sense of responsibility;

      4、Salary: the industry is the best, specific negotiable;

  • Welder 10 Jiaxing 2018-08-15
    Work place:Jiaxing Salary:3500-7000 Datetime:2018-08-15 Education: number:10 Term of validity:2030-07-30
    • Require:

      Male, under 50 years old
    • Remarks:

      Gas-shielded welding work experience for more than three years, will look at the drawings, there is a welding work permit is preferred, the more work, the more wages

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