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JD360-400 mobile container crane is specially produced for domestic small and medium container yards.It is a lowest operating cost container-specific crane.The car is powered by a multi-cylinder diesel engine and features low operating noise and low vehicle vibration.The car is lifted and walked by hydraulic system control and driven by hydraulic motor.The lifting is made of a cylinder with a diameter of 203 mm. The lifting capacity is large, the system pressure is small, the lifting and lowering are stable and safe, and the loading and unloading efficiency is high.Each group consists of two cranes, each of which is an independent movement unit. Each movement unit is driven by two wheels, four-wheel steering, and the maximum angle of rotation is up to 90 degrees. It can realize steering and translation at any angle, and the turning radius is small. Easy and flexible operation;Both motion units are free to run and the spacing can be adjusted freely for a variety of container hoisting.The car is required to be used on a flat, hardened, pit-free site.Suitable for the loading and unloading of containers in logistics companies, warehouses, terminals, container yards, freight yards, etc. It is a high-quality, low-cost, convenient and practical container lifting equipment.

Rated weight36T/40T
Maximum lifting height4660mm
Maximum lifting speed0.035m/s
Self weight7.5T/8T
Engine modelXH490G-4
Engine calibration power / calibration speed33/2400KW/r/min
Maximum torque / speed70.2/1960~24000[Nm/r min]
Maximum travel speed3.5km/h
Lifting cylinder diameter203mm
Lifting system pressure15Pa/16Pa
Steering cylinder diameter75mm
Minimum turning radius4500mm
Steering system pressure15pa
Hydraulic motor torque1010Nm
Hydraulic motor speed range6~400r/min
Drive wheel diameter450mm
Minimum ground clearance110
Suitable for the height of the car1.45m/1.75m
Full length5055mm
Full width2655mm
Full height6320mm

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