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1.Powerful, easy and labor-saving to meet the cargo handling needs of most companies;
2.The rugged, efficient and stable kit ensures durability.
3.Beautiful shape, high-grade and beautiful, half-package design, simple but not simple, the whole car is beautiful and atmospheric;
4.Exquisite structure, excellent details, exquisite internal and external structure design, every detail is perfect;
5.Easy maintenance, modular production, easy to disassemble and maintain.
6.Small size, space saving, small size, and smooth passage in a small passage;
7.Flexible and convenient, the car is light and flexible, and the operation is extremely convenient;
8.Economical and energy-saving, cost-effective, the country's first disruptive all-electric truck, 60AH maintenance-free battery.

  • Performance:All electric, good performance, easy operation by anyone, time saving and high efficiency;
  • Manipulation:Full electric lifting, lowering, walking, turning, and a few buttons on the right and left hands, easy and convenient;
  • Safety:Safety concept design, fully considering the manipulator's handling, full load is also very safe;
  • Maintain:Modular production, easy to disassemble and maintain; battery maintenance free;
  • Other:Shaped like a manual transporter, it is all-electric, high-grade and beautiful, and can replace the manual transport vehicle to a certain extent.
型号(Model No.)单位
操作类型(Type Driving)
载荷中心(Lock center)C(mm)500
轮胎配置(Wheel type)
最大起升高度(Max lifting height)H2(mm)200
全长(Overall length)L(mm)1675
全宽(Overall width)B(mm)562/702
转弯半径(Turning Radius)Wa(mm)1480
最大行驶速度(Max.walking speed)满载/空载Km/h4.6/5.9
最大起升速度(Max.Lifting speed)满载/空载M/S0.003/0.004
最大下降速度(Max.descent speed)满载/空载M/S0.003/0.003
爬坡度(Grade Ability) 满载/空载%5/7
总重(Total weight)Kg192
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