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High performance, high reliability:

  • AC drive system provides powerful power, more precise control and smoother operation;
  • High-intensity vertical gearbox for long working life;
  • The low-noise and low-fault hydraulic station, after multiple layers of testing and testing of the cylinders and pipelines, ensures high reliability of the hydraulic system;
  • Reliable US AMP waterproof connectors and electrical components, all wires and cables are reliably protected and fixed, greatly reducing electrical failures;
  • H-type door channel steel, high bending performance improves the overall door frame strength.


  • The explosion-proof design of the hydraulic system, even if the tubing bursts, the door frame will not drop rapidly, improving safety;
  • Emergency reverse driving function to protect the operator from injury;
  • The emergency power off switch can easily cut off all power sources to avoid emergencies when the operation is out of control;
  • Lifting multiple limits, stacking is safer;
  • After the fork lifts a certain height, the vehicle runs automatically to the slow mode, which is safer;
  • The anti-skid braking function prevents the car from slipping when it is out of control or on a slope;
  • Offset control to avoid the operator colliding with the body during driving.

Easy to operate:

  • Fully consider the ergonomic handle head design, each function button is convenient and easy to operate;
  • Double tray lifting for improved work efficiency;
  • Slow running function, the handle is in the near vertical state, the driving speed will be automatically reduced, and it is convenient to achieve precise operation in a narrow space;
  • The longer joystick greatly reduces the power required to operate the car, making the handling lighter;
  • Offset control greatly enhances the field of view.

Easy to maintain:

  • AC motor, free of maintenance;
  • Configure the timer and the fuel gauge to remind the operator to charge at the right time and protect the battery;
  • The machine can be easily disassembled and assembled, and the rear cover can be removed to test, repair and replace the main key components.
  • The battery cover is easy to open, which is convenient for replenishing distilled water or electrolyte to the battery;
  • The use of the vertical motor makes the detection and maintenance of the motor and brakes directly convenient, and the maintenance performance is much better than that of the transverse motor;
  • The controller self-diagnosis system displays the fault code through the handheld unit, which is more convenient to solve the fault;
  • The door frame and the car frame are connected to each other to make the door frame installation and replacement extremely convenient;
  • Low voltage automatic protection to extend battery life.
型号(Model No.)单位(Kg)FBR10FBR15
最大起升高度(Max Lifting height)H(mm)10002500
载和中心(Lock center)C(mm)500500
轮胎配置(Wheel type)
聚氨酯实心胎(Pu solid tire)
货叉尺寸(Fork size)mm1150×1601150×160
货叉外宽(fork outer distance)mm680680
全长(Overall length)L(mm)17851785
全宽(Overall width)S(mm)800800
门架闭合时高度(Heigh--Mast Lowered)H1(mm)20751825
货叉最低高度(Min.Fork height)h1(mm)8585
转弯半径(Turning radius)W(mm)13801380
最大行驶速度(Max.Walking speed)Km/h3.5/43.5/4
爬坡能力(Grade ability)%3/63/6
总重(Total Weight)Kg506666
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