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Pedal transport vehicle features:

1.The entire system is equipped with an electronic steering system to reduce the operator's working intensity;
2.The AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly, the control is more precise, and the battery life is longer;
3.Innovative drive floating operation adjustable system realizes automatic speed reduction during high-speed cornering to ensure stable and non-tilt body;
4.Under heavy load conditions, the pressure system is automatically adjusted, the handle operation is light and flexible; the ergonomically designed control handle is convenient for left and right hand operation, and all the operation functions can be easily realized by simple buttons on the handle to improve driving comfort;
5.Emergency reverse driving function, in the backward driving process, once the operator touches the object behind the operator, the operator will naturally react with the body to hit the reverse button of the handle, and the car immediately reverses the driving, so that the operator avoids injury;
6.The emergency power off switch is standard. Simply press the emergency stop button to cut off all power and the car stops immediately.
7.The humanized arm guard structure makes the opening and closing operation of the arm guard extremely easy, and has strong impact resistance, and truly functions as a guard arm;
8.A foldable pedal with shock absorption reduces operator fatigue.

Maximum loadkg200025003000
Highest point loadmm1150/12201150/12201150/1220
Outer fork widthmm540/685540/685540/685
Single fork widthmm185185185
Minimum height of forkmm858585
Fork heightmm200200200
Total lengthmm1925(2320)1925(2320)1925(2320)
Total widthmm808808808
Total heightmm145014501450
Front wheel size, number
Drive wheel size, number
Balance wheel size, number
Turning radiusmm174617461746
Load center distancemm600600600
Lift pump station
Steering motor
Self weightkg810(600)830(620)850(640)
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