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Pedal stacker features:

1.The AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly, with more precise control, smoother operation and longer battery life.
2. Specially designed AC drive motor for greater power.
3.Using the latest electronic steering handles, you can effectively reduce the strength and strength required for your work. Greatly reduce the power required for steering and improve driving stability and comfort.
4.The frame is rugged and durable, ensuring that the fork handles heavy loads with ease.
5.The timer and the fuel gauge display the battery usage at any time, so that the operator can be notified to charge at the right time.
6.The battery side pull design makes it easy to repair and replace, improving work efficiency.
7.The battery size and capacity can be selected in a wide range, which is convenient for users to choose according to actual needs.
8.The handle head design is ergonomic, comfortable and convenient to operate, and the control button position is scientifically designed to facilitate left and right hand operation.
9.An electronic limit switch is mounted on the door frame to accurately control the maximum lifting height of the door frame to prevent damage to the lifting motor.
10.The door frame is made of imported German channel steel, which is sturdy and durable, ensuring stable and safe lifting and lowering of the fork.
11.The double cylinder lifts the design to avoid shaking and ensure the cargo rises steadily.
12.Emergency reverse driving function, in the backward driving process, once the operator touches the object behind the back, the operator will naturally react with the body to hit the reverse button of the handle, and the car will immediately reverse the driving, so that the operator can avoid injury.
Maximum loadkg120016002000
Highest point loadkg1200800700650600160012001100100090020001300120011001000
Maximum lifting heightmm160025003000330036001600250030003300360016002500300033003600
Maximum lifting speedmm2500
Load center distancemm600
Fork lengthmm1150
Single fork widthmm180
Two forks outside widthmm570/695
Minimum height of forkmm86
Fixed leg lengthmm903
Fixed leg widthmm124
Two fixed legs inside widthmm266/391
Two fixed legs outside widthmm514/639
Channel width;1000*1200mm2452
Channel width;800*1200mm2432
Turning radius
Front wheel size, number
Drive size, number
Balance wheel size, number
Total lengthmm2040(2460)
Total widthmm808
Lift pump station
Steering motor
Lifting speed; full load / no load
Falling speed; full load / no load
Walking speed; full load / no load
Battery capacitymm24V/210AH24V/210AH24V/210AH
Self weightkg92099510301050107094010151065108511059601035109011151135
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