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Four-wheel electric forklift features:

1. Efficient and easy to maintain AC motors ensure long battery life.

2. Dustproof and waterproof AMP connector.

3. Regenerative braking function to extend battery life.

4. The intelligent programmable LCD display can display fault codes, allowing drivers and maintenance technicians to easily detect body failures, reduce inspection time and improve maintenance efficiency.

5. The easy-to-maintain brake system makes the brakes safer and more comfortable.

6. The anti-skid brake function enables the truck to park safely even on slopes.

7. The powerful AC hydraulic motor provides more torque, making the lifting and lowering of the fork smoother.

8. The hydraulic pump outputs the required steering torque, which can be intelligently responded to when the driver is turning, reducing power consumption.

9. With combined roller door frame, high strength, low deformation.

10. The restrictor valve adjusts the door frame descent speed to prevent the door frame quickly even when the tubing bursts, ensuring safety.

Rated weightKG1500200025003000
Load center distancemm500
Power style
Operation method
Sitting and driving
Full lengthmm1995224522852510
Full widthmm1070115011501225
Door famre heightmm1995199519952075
Control methodElectric drive
Driving AC frequency conversion control mode, hydraulic DC DC constant voltage 4 sections, AC AC frequency conversion control mode
Electric motorWalk motorKW/60min8111116.5
With box weightKG7358259451220

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