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Three-wheel electric forklift features:

1.Imported full AC control system

2.Responsive, reduced maintenance and noise, with strong control from low to high speed or high speed to low speed  

3.Multi-function LCD instrument, intelligent programmable LCD display, with power display and various driving information display. 

4.AC motor, powerful power, high performance and easy maintenance

5.The unique three-wheel rear drive unit makes the forklift have high reliability and can reach a turning radius of 90 degrees. Operating more comfortable and has more leg space. It is more suitable for operation in all kinds of small spaces.

6.The enclosed structure and front-wheel drive mode ensure a wide range of applicability for forklifts with sufficient grip on both slopes and slippery surfaces.


Self weight (including battery)kg305031603430
Door frame and front fork and rear fork tilt angle°6/6.56/6.56/6.5
Height after the Door famre is loweredmm206020602060
Free lifting heightmm120120120
Door famre maximum lifting heightmm300030003000
The highest height of the door famremm404140414041
Cockpit heightmm206020602060
Vehicle lengthmm276528652975
Overall widthmm109010901150
Fork sizemm40×100×920

Channel width (1200 width × 1000 length)mm319532953400
Channel width (800 wide x 1200 long)mm332034203526
Turning radiusmm147515751680
Walking speed (full load / no load)km/h13/1413/1413/14
Uphill (full load / no load)%10.5/14.510.5/14.510.5/14.5
Drive motor rated powerkw4.5×24.5×24.5×2
Lifting motor rated powerkw8.28.28.2
Frequency voltage / nominal capacityv/Ah48/40048/40048/400

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