The appearance of the vehicle is beautiful and elegant. It adopts the latest ergonomic design and is comfortable, safe and efficient. Technical performance can meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. The adjustable steering wheel and seat, the reasonable layout of each control system, fully embodies the ergonomics principle and reduces the labor intensity of the operator. Fully floating damper for engine, elastic connection of steering axle, low torque steering makes easy steering in place; suspended high-strength integrated hood with built-in thermal insulation material, the floor space is simple and spacious, ensuring the operation of the whole machine Comfort.

Heat dissipation system
The heat dissipation system uses a large-capacity tube-and-belt radiator and an optimized heat dissipation channel to further improve the heat dissipation capability of the vehicle and ensure reliable operation of the engine.

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system adopts Shimadzu multi-way valve and gear pump, and the combination of soft and hard pipes can greatly reduce the oil pressure and improve the lifting and tilting of the gantry. The hydraulic cylinder uses Japanese "NOK" seals and has undergone tens of thousands of fatigue tests. It can better ensure the sealing performance and make the whole vehicle safer, more stable and more reliable.

Transmission system
The transmission system is equipped with brands such as Zhongnan and Shaodong Transmission, which are equipped with Japanese technology. The drive axle is equipped with brands such as Anqing Axle and Brilliance Machinery. The performance is mature and the quality is reliable.

Electrical System
The electrical system adopts the latest technology of harness and waterproof connector, multi-pass fuse arrangement to ensure the safety and stability of the circuit system, the entire circuit system integrated board design, easy to repair and maintain.

Door frame

Door frame design, high operating sensitivity and smooth start, flexible steering and small turning radius, ensuring controllable, flexible, lightweight and efficient operation of the whole machine; lifting cylinder with buffer device, piping system setting safety setting Even if the pipeline breaks, it will not cause the gantry or cargo to run out of control.Safety indicators are checked before leaving the factory to ensure the safety of the whole machine.

Rated weight400040004000400040004000
Load center distance500
Maximum lifting height3000
Free lifting height170
Maximum lifting speed(Full load)310310310310310310
Door famre inclination6°-12°
Uphill angle (full load)151515151515
Minimum turning radius264026402640264026402640
Minimum right angle channel width262026202620262026202620
Minimum ground clearance150
Roof guard height2100
Maximum height during work4200
Front wheel center fork forearm distance550
Fork maximum adjustment width1300
Fork sizeL×W×H1070×150×50
Front and rear wheelbase mm1900
Self weight Kg495049504950495049504950
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