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What are the issues to pay attention to when adding a battery to a forklift?

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-06-28 

When we add a forklift battery, we need to pay attention to the following five aspects:

1、When the electrolyte density of the forklift battery reaches the standard and the temperature drops below 35 °C or equals the ambient temperature, it can be added to the assembled battery. Forklift battery electrolyte can be added according to the following two requirements:
①Clamshell liquid plug;
②Buoy type liquid hole plug buoy.Its reference quality is generally monomer capacity * 16g;

2、After the battery is added, there will be a temperature rise of about 7 °C, which can be charged by blowing the air, immersing in the pool or standing until the temperature of the electrolyte in the battery drops below 35 °C or equal to the ambient temperature. 

3、Check the polarity of the battery. After confirming the correct polarity, connect the positive and negative poles of the battery pack to the positive and negative terminals of the charger respectively (not to be reversed); 

4、The charging time is about 12 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the battery voltage is about 2.4V. If it is not possible, the battery may not be fully charged, the battery is not charged, or the single battery is damaged. 

5、The density of the electrolyte of the forklift battery is 1.27-1.28g/cm3 (25°C) and will not change within 3 hours. The test is considered to be sufficient (full) battery.

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