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Forklift related introduction

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-06-28 

What is the forklift wheelbase?

The forklift wheelbase is the horizontal distance between the centerline of the front and rear axles of the forklift. The track is the distance between the centers of the left and right wheels on the same axis. Increasing the wheelbase is beneficial to the longitudinal stability of the forklift, but increases the length of the body and increases the minimum turning radius. Increasing the wheelbase is beneficial to the lateral stability of the forklift, but it increases the total width of the body and the minimum turning radius. 

The maximum lifting speed of the forklift:

The maximum lifting speed of a forklift truck usually refers to the maximum speed at which the cargo is lifted when the forklift is fully loaded, expressed in m/min.Increasing the maximum lifting speed can improve the working efficiency, but the lifting speed is too fast, and it is easy to cause damage and machine damage. At present, the maximum lifting speed of domestic forklift trucks has been increased to 20m/min.

Minimum turning radius of the forklift:

When the forklift is driving at a low speed without load and turning the steering wheel, the minimum distance between the outermost side and the innermost side of the vehicle body to the turning center is called the outer side turning radius Rmin and the minimum inner turning radius rmin, respectively. The smaller the minimum outside turning radius, the smaller the floor area required for the forklift to turn and the better the maneuverability.

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